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Associate in Science in Business Administration (ASBA)  
The Associate in Science, Business Administration program incorporates specialty courses in accounting, management, marketing, international business, and computer information systems. The courses provide students with the knowledge of management concepts, procedures, operations, and problem-solving techniques needed for employment or advancement. The program also prepare students for the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree and beyond in business administration to become future leaders and managers in a dynamic, globally integrated business world.



Students desiring admission to the Associate in Science in Business Administration career program must meet the following requirements:
  1. Completed their high school education or G.E.D. with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 or better.
  2. Completed or be enrolled concurrently in General Education courses not less than 21 semester units or the equivalent covering various academic disciplines which must include 6 units of English writing and communication, 3 units of mathematics, 3 units of natural science, 3 units of social science, and 6  units of Humanities courses including one course in History. General Education courses students are concurrently enrolled in must be completed prior to the completion of the ASBA program. The minimum G.P.A. attained must be of 2.0 or better. GE courses are offered at community/city colleges.
Students applying for admission to the Associates in Science in Business Administration career program are required to follow the procedures below:
  1. Submit their copy of high school diploma
  2. Submit their official high school transcripts or G.E.D.
  3. Submit their official transcript(s) from previous college(s) attended showing completion of a minimum of 21 semester units or its equivalent in General Education courses, or be in compliance with item 2 of Admission Requirements above
  4. Submit their completed application form obtained from Kingston University Admission
  5. Submit $100 of non-refundable application fee

Evaluation Process
Once the University receives all required documents and forms, the student’s application file will be deemed complete and a decision by the Academic Dean’s office will be made concerning the student’s admission to the school. 
Each potential student’s information is evaluated and transfer credit is awarded.  If additional documentation is needed, the Admissions Office will contact the potential student.  Admission is granted to applicants who demonstrate the ability to undertake the successful study of the intended subject and meet the admissions requirements. Applicants may be asked to supplement with additional evidence of academic proficiency.
Admission decisions will be made within 30 days of receiving all required documentation. 
International Students
Unless a graduate from a US high school or foreign equivalent where English was the language of instruction evidenced by an official transcript, or a student having taken at least 2 years of education in a college program where English was the language of instruction evidenced by an official transcript, an applicant whose native language is not English must satisfy English proficiency requirement for admission to the ASBA program by scoring a TOEFL test with at least 450 PBT, 133 CBT or 45 iBT; a TOEIC of at least 480 or a IELTS of 4.
Transfer Student
Students wish to transfer from other higher education institutions are required to file application for admission as described above. Upon admission, the credits students earned from other institution previously attended will be evaluated. Appropriate credits will be granted if they are equivalent to courses offered at Kingston University.  For detail information on transferring credits from other higher education institutions, applicants are referred to review Transfer Credit Policy section in the Academic Policy.
Transfer Credit Policy
Tuitions & Fees
Application Fee $100
Tuition ($320/unit x 39 units for courses of major study) $12,480
Registration Fee ($30/semester x 3 semesters) $90
Minimum Tuition and Fees per Term for Full-Time Student $3,870
Estimated Cost for a semester including textbooks $4,600
Graduation Fee $100
Estimated Total Cost for Completing the Entire Program* $14,000
* Cost for completing General Education courses requirement excluded.

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