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The Associate in Health Science degree program with Massage Therapy option provides students an opportunity to earn an academic degree at the Associate degree level while preparing to enter the massage therapy profession. Students will engage in 725 hours of Massage Therapy skill training modules and become qualified to sit for massage therapy certification tests such as the Board Certification Examination administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage Therapy (NCBTMB) and the Bodywork Licensure Exam (MBLEx). The Associate in Health Science program in Massage Therapy awards students with prior general education credits up to 20 semester units or 30 quarter units to fulfill the general education course requirement for graduation.

Upon completion of the courses, a student will be prepared to enter the massage therapist job market in the fields of, but not limited to, the following areas: chiropractic, physical therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation clinics, health spas, hotels, beauty salons, medical, private practice/free lancing, sports medicine, or education and ready for advance studies in massage therapy or other healthcare programs. Students may also qualify for state licensure or certification as defined by local state regulations.



Program Objectives

In this program, the student will build professional skills in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Chair Massage, Reflexology, Lymph Drainage therapy, aromatherapy and acupuncture meridian and points application.  At the completion of the courses, the student should be able to:

  1. Describe theories, concepts and knowledge of human body, biomechanics and massage therapy.
  2. Design therapeutic massage programs based on proper assessment and mastery of indications an dcontraindications of massage modalities
  3. Perform therapeutic massage for therapeutic benefits ethically within the professional and legal boundaries
  4. Communicate with clients and other healthcare professionals by utilizing professional terminology adn language
  5. Recognize and promote the practice of massage therpay for the wellbeing of the community
  6. Plan career pathway, business and practice management options with ethical practice
  7. Integrate proper self-care practice in professional career development
  8. Sit for standardized certification or licensure examinations which cover contents similar to the training program completed

Students may be admitted to the AHS program after they have completed General Education courses or be enrolled, concurrently, in General Education courses, which must be completed prior to completion of the AHS program, and with a minimum G.P.A. attained must be of 2.0 or better. General Education courses are designed to give each student a breadth of experience in various academic disciplines. These learning experiences provide an introductory base to different fields of study and discuss how each disciple conducts its research, thus adding to general knowledge. GE courses are offered at community/city colleges.

To meet the graduation unit requirements prescribed for AHS Massage Therapy program, students are required to complete 30 quarter units or the equivalent in General Education Courses and 60 quarter units in Massage Therapy concentration courses
General Education Courses Required: 30 Quarter Units (20 Semester Units)
Category Minimum Requirement Example of Subject Area
English & Communication 1 courses College English *
Communication, Speech
Humanities and Fine Arts 1 course History, Foreign Languages
Mathematics 1 course College Algebra, Statistics, etc.
Social and Behavioral Sciences 1 course Sociology, Political Science, Psychology
Natural and Physical Sciences 1 course Biology, Chemistry, General Physics, Computer Science, Physical Edu
* Required course    
Massage Therapy Concentration Course Requirement: 60 Quarter Units/720 Clock Hours
1. Course and Training Hour Requirement
2. Performance Evaluation Requirement
1. Course and Training Hour Requirement
Course No. Course Title Contact Clock Hours Quarter Unit
Lecture Lab/Practical Total
BS 1111 Human Biology 30 0 30 3.0
BS 1171 Topographic Anatomy 20 0 20 2.0
BS 2180 Anatomy and Physiology Lab 0 20 20 1.0
BS 2181 Anatomy and Physiology I 30 0 30 3.0
BS 2182 Anatomy and Physiology II 30 0 30 3.0
BS 2183 Anatomy and Physiology III 30 0 30 3.0
CS 1511 Western Medical Terminology 20 0 20 2.0
MT 1000 Introduction to Massage Therapy 30 0 30 3.0
MT 1300 Massage Profession and Ethics 20 0 20 2.0
MT 2030 Myology and Kinesiology for Healthcare Professionals 30 10 40 3.5
MT 2010 Pathology 40 0 40 4.0
MT 2020 Assessment for Bodywork 20 0 20 2.0
MT 1110 Swedish Massage 25 45 70 5.0
MT 1150 Chair Massage and Reflexology 5 35 40 2.5
MT 2130 Sports Massage 25 35 60 4.5
MT 2150 Deep Tissue Massage and Applications 25 45 70 5.0
MT 2160 Lymph Drainage 10 20 30 2.0
MT 2500
Massage Practicum
0 60 60 3.5
MT 1180 Aromatherapy and Application 15 0 15 1.5
MT 1241
Acupressure and Tuina Therapy
20 10 30 2.5
AC 1211 Acupuncture Meridian Theories 20 0 20 2.0
  TOTAL 445 280 725 60.0
Students are required to complete CPR and First Aid training administered by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association to meet graduation requirement.
2. Performance Evaluation Requirements
Students must satisfactorily PASS the following requirements:

(i) All writing tests are required by the instructors
(ii) Performance tests to demonstrate competency in each massage skill module training
(iii) All other assignments and tests as required by the instructors
Graduation Requirement

Students must meet the following academic requirements prior to graduation:

  • completed a minimum of 30 quarter units or the equivalent in General Education Courses at a GPA of 2.0 or better
  • completed 60 quarter units in Massage Therapy concentration courses and pass performance evaluations
  • completed CPR and First Aid training administered by American Red Cross or American Heart Association
  • complied with the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements including meeting the minimum C.G.P.A.and pace of progress, and completing the program within the maximum program time frame
  • Fulfilled all financial obligatiosn required by Kingston University prior to graduation

Upon completing the academic requirements for graduation and fulfilling the financial obligation for the program, students will be awarded the Associate in Health Science, Massage Therapy degree.

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